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Braygreen have published two written books and 3 PDF publications on noted historical locations. We have self-financed and self-published these books using local independent printers in Liverpool, thus keeping costs down which are passed on to the reader.

Our two published books are The History of Childwall, and The History of Sandfield Tower.

Our three PDF publications provide further history on, The History of the Cavern Club, The History of the White Star Line, and The History of St Peter’s R.C. Church.  

The History of Childwall - a 100 page book on the history of the area including rare images from the family archive and historical documentation on the history of the local church, bells, shops and schools. 


The History of Sandfield Tower - A 70 page A4 sized glossy finish on the History of Sandfield Tower. Includes a floor plan, very rare 1930’s images of the interior, and the full background to the campaign.


Below, three documents in PDF format can be downloaded for free. These can be used for any local history interest, school interest, teaching or local interest.

Please note that all copyright belongs to Braygreen/Jonathon Wild.

A 100-page document on the history of St Peter’s R.C Church in Seel Street. Built in 1788, it is more commonly known as Alma De Cuba.  

An 80-page document on the history of The historical Cavern Club in Mathew Street. This document provides the history on the early days, the bands that played there, the destruction of the Cavern and the newly reconstructed Cavern.

30 James Street, formerly known as the White Star Line HQ. This document provides the complete history from 1896 to the present day. It includes the history on the ownership of the White Star Line as well as the Pacific Steam Navigation Company and includes some very rare images.

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