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Founded in 2006, Braygreen is a portfolio of our four main products. Historical content websites featuring well known buildings and districts in Liverpool. Campaign management of social media groups focusing on abandoned and listed buildings within the north-west. Our newly portfolio on self-published books, and our newly formed Liverpool Tours youtube channel. 

We have been featured on BBC North West for our campaign on the Grade 2 listed Sandfield Tower, spoken on Radio Merseyside for our campaign on the historical Grade 1 listed Woolton Hall, and been featured in the local newspaper to highlight abandoned listed buildings within Liverpool.

Braygreen runs nine websites of a historical interest and we run three Facebook groups, totalling over 25,000 members. Please click on the above menu for more information. 


Our website portfolio can be listed in the following overview:

Sandfield Tower – The twenty-three-year campaign to highlight and save a grade 2 listed building from collapse in West Derby.

The History of Childwall – Focusing on the historical district of Childwall including its lost buildings and part 14th century Church.

Eddesbury – The Grade 2 listed building, designed by noted architect James Francis Doyle has been heavily fire damaged and we have researched the history and brought to light this building’s history.

India Building – Providing a detailed write up of the Herbert J Rowse designed building, built between 1924 and 1932 for the Blue Funnel Line. It is has an interesting past and now a bright future with new owners.

St Luke’s Bombed Out Church – The complete history of St Luke’s Church from the opening of the Church, throughout the Liverpool Blitz and how this building still stands as Liverpool’s war memorial.

Stop the Rot – A newly formed website to highlight our abandoned and listed buildings that are slowly rotting away in Liverpool due to managed decline of the buildings. Including our Grade 1 listed Woolton Hall.

Pearsons of Liverpool – A fantastic insight in to the ‘secret’ World War 2 factory in Edge Hill showing classified images of over 200 locations in a very rare hard back publication.

St John the Divine – Highlight the plight of the endangered building and the proposed demolition and the fight to save this Church, a noted landmark on Liverpool’s horizon.

Contact us on the details below via e-mail or telephone to see how we can assist you with a campaign you wish to run, or for any further press releases on the above websites or Facebook groups.
Jonathon Wild, Proprietor, BRAYGREEN

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